Format of IELTS Speaking Test

Format of IELTS Speaking Test

The IELTS test format is four modules in which you are tested on your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

You have to settle on whether to take the Academic or General Training Test versions.

In light of your outcomes, you are then given a band score between 0-9.

The IELTS test format fluctuates as indicated by why you are stepping through the examination. There are two test versions accessible, Academic or General Training.

They utilize a similar band scales and the two versions survey the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Academic is for individuals applying for advanced education for example college, or expert enlistment.

General Training is for individuals moving to the UK, Australia, or Canada, or applying for training programs, work experience, or optional instruction in an English-talking condition.

Obviously, the Speaking segment is additionally one which test-takers locate the most overwhelming. They stress over their week vocabulary, familiarity and failure to talk certainly.

The IELTS speaking test is the equivalent for both academic and general training candidates.

You are evaluated by an IELTS analyst in a one-to-one interview which keeps going 11-14 minutes. It is separated into three sections. 

time taken for the speaking test

time taken for the speaking test

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IELTS Speaking Test Format  

other than speaking, be careful with your gestures

other than speaking, be careful with your gestures

Section One:

You are posed a few inquiries about either your home, old neighbourhood, study or work, and then questions around two different themes haphazardly picked by the examiner. These could be about things, for example, occasions, the climate, visiting galleries, reading, style, travelling and so forth.

Section Two:

You need to represent two minutes on a subject the analyst gives you. For instance, you could chat on an educator you loved, an evening gathering you joined in, or a most loved spot to visit. You are given a pencil and paper and given one moment to set up your discussion.

Section Three:

You have a conversation with the analyst around more unpredictable themes identified with your section two talk. So, for instance on the off chance that you talked about an instructor you enjoyed to a limited extent two, section three could be inquiries regarding the instructive framework in your nation and all the more for the most part.

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