Read this following article to Know the Format of IELTS Listening Test and also refer to the tips and format for IELTS Writing Test. 

Know the Format of IELTS Listening Test

Know the Format of IELTS Listening Test

The listening module endures 40 minutes – 30 minutes listening and 10 minutes to add your responses to an answer sheet. There are 4 areas, each one getting more difficult.

The initial two sections of the test are worried about social needs.

The last two sections are worried about circumstances related all the more near education and training contexts.

All the IELTS listening topics are of general interest and it has no effect what subjects you are wanting to consider or what work you plan to do.

A scope of English pronunciations and vernaculars are utilised in the recordings which mirrors the worldwide use of IELTS

Format in brief

Format in brief

Section One

In the primary segment there is a discussion between two speakers. For instance – a discussion about travel arrangements, booking convenience, or choices on a night out.

Section Two

The subsequent section is a monologue (a discourse by one individual). It will be set in an ordinary social setting. For instance – a discourse about student administrations on a University grounds or plans for suppers during a gathering.

Section Three

Section three is a discussion between up to four individuals. For instance – a discussion between a coach and a student about a task or between three students arranging a research project

Section Four

The last part is another monologue. It is a lecture or talk of general academic interest such as a university lecture. 

Question Types

question types

question types

The accompanying sorts of inquiry may show up on the test:

  1. multiple decision
  2. short-answer questions
  3. sentence finish
  4. notes/rundown/graph/stream outline/table fruition
  5. labelling a graph which has numbered parts
  6. classification
  7. matching

You will be given guidelines on the test paper on the most proficient method to respond to the questions, and they are clear and simple to follow. You will be given instances of any unfamiliar question types.

During the IELTS listening test, you are offered time to read the questions and enter and then check your answers. You enter your answers on the question paper as you listen and when the tape closes ten minutes are took into consideration you to move your responses to an Answer Sheet.

One mark is granted for every one of the 40 things in the test. So to get a perfect score, read the tips for IELTS Listening Test.