Ultimate SAT


Learn from the Industry experts.

Get the Best possible shortcuts, time-crunching solutions to the most difficult questions.

We hand hold you and tailor the preparation, so that you achieve your dream score.

How is this course Unique?


Course is designed to save a lot of preparation time. We believe in the simple principle of “Minimum efforts, Maximum results”.



The complete course structure aims at the Final 3 hours of your SAT test. All your inputs and error- patterns will be synchronized to optimize the final SAT score.

Completely Tailored Prep Course

We go way beyond the boundaries of conventional training, customize the SAT preparation to unimaginable extent. This course adapts to your learning styles, analyzes your strengths and weaknesses to guide you through a step by step approach to alienate your error-patterns.


Fast & Easy Work

We highlight the questions where you are taking extra-time, and provide the easiest solutions.

Exhaustive practice

Test taking and practice is the key to ace the SAT. You will NEVER be short of practice material


SAT preparation is all about two things

1. Applying the fundamentals in the best logical manner

2. Being a SMART test-taker



Our response time is maximum 24 hours


This course is designed for your comfort and YOUR needs.


Course structure is seemless and replicated SAT pattern to the best


Our instructors have tried to keep it as simple as possible to give you the easiest possible time-crunching solutions.


We understand your ERROR- patterns and adapt your prep accordingly.

Routine Updates

We keep on adapting the content to suit your needs and SAT’s trends.

Understanding my mistakes and the responsive strategies were key to my improvement


SAT 1580, Dec 2019

Math is the subject I hated, and thanks to the innovative teaching methods I scored a whooping 760 in SAT Math. It was a dream come true. Thanks Labhesh Sir.


SAT 1490, Oct 2019

Thanks for the tricks for Reading and improving my Grammar. I loved the small-small tricks you provided. 


SAT 1380, Al Muwaqeb, Oct 2019

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A Comprehensive Guide to mastering the SAT reading and writing module

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SAT-Tips for a smooth exam

SAT-Tips for a smooth exam

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Strategies to Practice

Strategies to Practice

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