3 Strategies For Improving Your GRE Sentence Equivalence Score

3 Strategies For Improving Your GRE Sentence Equivalence Score

The Sentence Equivalence section of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) can be a difficult and daunting task for many test-takers. However, with the proper preparation and strategies, it is possible to boost your score on this section of the exam. In this blog post, we will discuss three specific, innovative techniques that you can use to increase your score on
the GRE Sentence Equivalence section.

Leverage Contextual Clues in your GRE Sentence Equivalence

A great way to maximize your GRE Sentence Equivalence score is by learning how to
leverage contextual clues in questions. This strategy involves carefully analyzing both
sentence halves and looking for any words or phrases that may hint at an answer choice. By
using these clues as guides, you can easily narrow down potential answers and increase
your chances of selecting correct ones in less time.

Utilize Process of Elimination Techniques

Another helpful tip for boosting your Sentence Equivalence scores is to utilize process-of-
elimination techniques when answering questions. This method requires you to eliminate
answer choices that are obviously incorrect based on their definitions or usage patterns
within sentences. Once you have eliminated those options, it becomes much easier to
choose between the remaining options as they are more likely to be correct.

Make Use of Synonyms

Finally, another great way to raise your scores on the Sentence Equivalence section of the
GRE is to make use of synonyms. This entails finding words that have similar meanings or
contexts as those found in questions. By paying attention to answer choices that are
synonymous with key words or phrases in questions, you can quickly narrow down a list and
select more accurate answers more accurately and efficiently than before.
By taking each one of these three strategies into account, test-takers will be better prepared
for success on the Sentence Equivalence portion of the GRE exam. Utilizing these
innovative techniques will help maximize your test performance and give you an edge over
other candidates who are not taking advantage of such helpful practices. So if you want to ace this part of the exam, start practicing now and put yourself one step closer towards
achieving this goal!