ACE the Digital SAT:
Comprehensive SAT Prep Course

Starts on 24th June, 2023 (10am to 12pm batch)

Take a Diagnostic test Talk to our experts & know your strengths, weaknesses Start your customized preparation Ace the digital SAT


Teacher to student ratio

210 points

Average SAT score improvement

8 Full length

Digital SAT Adaptive mock tests


SAT Booster strategies Camp

Course Schedule Master Plan:

6 Hours

Foundation 101

24 Hours

Reading & Writing

24 Hours


 Online 10 Sectional tests each module
 Tuesday – Friday
 Reading & Writing – 6 PM to 8 PM
 Math – 6 PM to 8 PM
No Module Topic
1 Math Foundation - 1 : Fundamentals of arithmetic & algebra; usage of DESMOS
2 R & W Foundation - 2 : texts evaluation, understanding words in context & basics of punctuations
3 SAT Pre-course diagnostic test
4 Math Linear equations & inequalities in one & two variables
5 R & W Text structure and purpose, understanding words in context
6 Math Linear functions & simultaneous equations
7 R & W Evaluating cross-text connections, interpreting various texts
8 Math Nonlinear equations in one & two variables, exponents & exponential function
9 R & W Central ideas and details of the text, vocabulary analysis
10 Math Nonlinear functions-quadratic & polynomial functions
11 R & W Command of evidence-textual & quantitative inferences
12 Math Ratios, rates and proportions; units and percentages
13 R & W Understanding core conventions of standard english sentence structure
14 Math One-variable data: distributions and measures of center and spread, scatterplots
15 R & W Usage of punctuation (semi-colon, colon, comma , period and FANBOYS.)
16 Math Probability, Inference from sample statistics and margin of error & evaluating statistical claims
17 R & W Rhetorical synthesis of the text to improve the effectiveness of written expression
18 Math Geometry & trigonometry
19 R & W Transitions/structure words
20 R & W Mock test 1 & 2 discussion
21 Math Mock test 1 & 2 discussion
22 R & W Mock test 1 & 2 discussion
23 Math Mock test 1 & 2 discussion
24 R & W Mock test 1 & 2 discussion
25 Math Mock test 1 & 2 discussion
26 R & W Mock test 1 & 2 discussion
27 Math Mock test 1 & 2 discussion

Foundational lessons:

Our objective is to equip students with essential test-taking skills and a strong grasp of the core concepts needed for success in the SAT exam, laying a solid foundation for subsequent, more advanced lessons and testing strategies.

Personalized study plans:

Umpteen online tests and problem-solving catering to individual strengths and weaknesses. Desmos mastery: This is the game-changer and we are on top of that. All our students will precisely know how to succeed in digital SAT riding on Desmos.

Authentic test-taking platform:

Our objective is clear, we want to prepare our students with a realistic testing environment. We are known for replicating real digital SAT testing, including DESMOS.

Strategy sessions:

Mr. Labhesh, the author of Digital SAT Success, is known for his on the go SAT taking techniques. He will tailor the strategies of individual students to optimize their performance. Small class size: Focused learning with maximum 6 students in a group class. One on one batches as well available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital SAT?

Digital SAT is a new format of the SAT test that will be administered via a digital assessment platform accessed by computer instead of paper and pencil. College Board is introducing this change to better fit the needs of students and educators and to align with the skills required for college and career success. The digital SAT will have the same content and structure as the current SAT, but with some differences in timing and navigation. The digital SAT is available for all international students starting in March 2023 and for all students (both international and within the US) starting in Spring 2024. Students can prepare for the digital SAT by taking full-length practice tests on Bluebook, the official testing app and obviously by signing up with Anannt Education.

What is the cost of Anannt's Ace the Digital SAT course?

The full fee for the course is AED 6500+vat. An early bird offer is available for students who pay the full course fee before 1st April. The early bird price is AED 5200 + vat.

What is the structure of the Digital SAT Booster camp provided by Anannt?

Anannt’s flagship SAT booster camp is one of the key differentiators with the rest of the test-prep companies/ tutors. It would be a 8 hours long session split between 4 days. Anannt’s booster camp is an internsive revision+ testing strategy + real SAT questions discussion session. 

Will Anannt's team help with Digital SAT registration?

Absolutely. Our support counselors will sit with you for SAT registration and guide you in the entire process of getting the admit card, carrying the required identity proofs, etc. 

What materials will be provided?

As SAT is digital. All preparation material will be online on our learning platform
Students will have class handouts + topicwise exercises where our experts can analyze the student’s individual performance and coach him/her to avoid the typical error pattern. Over 3000 questions and 8 full length mocks will be way more than sufficient to literally “ACE the Digital SAT”.

How will the course be taught (e.g. in-person, online)?

We have both offline as well as online options available. We want our students to be comfortable with their mode of training and utilize the benefits of tailored SAT preparation. 


Nutan Singh

Reading & Writing Expert


Vishal K

Math Expert


Labhesh Lodha

SAT Test Strategist

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